Vaccination a fundamental right to health

European Immunization Week started in Bucharest with the event organized within the project “Vaccination a fundamental right to health”, initiated by the Bucharest Medical College Foundation in collaboration with the Romanian Association for Pediatric Education in Family Practice and the Romanian Society of Microbiology and supported by the Civic Innovation Found. Dedicated to dialogue between parents – doctors – authorities, the conference was attended by family doctors, school doctors, epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists as well as representatives of state institutions involved in the vaccination process, who answered questions from parents and the media.

It was a constructive debate, useful for both practitioners and parents as participants, regardless of the beliefs they came with. The widely accepted conclusion is that we need to improve communication and involvement, taking responsibility and such meetings, allowing the expression of beliefs, experiences and fears of each party involved, are taking us in that direction. Only constant, determined, united effort of all people involved in the vaccination process: parents and physicians alike, can change the current situation in Romania’s vaccination coverage and fight the real risk of re-emerging extremely severe infectious diseases. The wrong perception of the public about vaccines and vaccination’s role in maintaining the health of our children can be changed!









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